Work With Us

Work with us

Interested in starting a life overseas? On the run from the law? Just kidding! But if you paid your debt to society we believe in second chances so keep reading. 

We´re always looking for people who can bring real world perspective, life experiences (good and bad) and a willingness to go the extra mile. We do not look for the class valedictorian. That person is too afraid to pick up the phone and give a client the bad news. We can teach you anything here. But you have to come with the willingness to work harder than you have ever worked before.   

We value passion and grit above anything else! Fancy degrees are great but a chip on your shoulder is far more valuable. We all have a history, we can´t change that. But we have complete control of our future. 

Can you handle that? Looking for a challenge?

Send us an email [email protected] with your resume and some examples of solving problems. Big or small. We are always looking to hire.

We also offer limited positions in the USA & Puerto Rico...not bad