Call Center Services

Call center services


  1. Looking to build a sales team?
  2. Do you need experienced bilingual agents?
  3. Looking for lead generation or live transfer company? 
  4. Launching a new product or service?
  5. Need someone to call your database? 
  6. Getting to the decision maker takes time. Why not move that task to someone else?
  7. Looking to expand quickly but don´t have the funds?  

Look no further! Pds Group North Inc. has over 10 years experience building highly talented sales teams in the US and overseas. An overseas sales team will lower your operating expenses. But on a scale of 1-10 US sales agents are 8, international agents are a strong 7. Our call centers are in South America. Most of our international agents previously lived in the US for long periods. They understand the lingo, the slang and the different accents. Furthermore all of our agents go through a 3 week sales training before they get on the phone. We are proud disciples of the Art of Persuasion school of telemarketing. We specialize in financial services, insurance, medical billing and collections. 

Customer service:

  1. We handle the recruiting, hiring and training.
  2. Our hiring practice includes psychological exams and home visits.
  3. All hired agents are picked from top local call centers.
  4. We only hire the best.
  5. Our agents are well compensated.
  6. All agents receive top pay in their field.
  7. Our benefits package includes extra time off for family or mental health.
  8. Sponsored company trips, sponsored external training and resources. 
  9. Our turnover is lower than any other player in our industry.

Other services: 

  1. Call relay, live translation, (English-Spanish) (English-Portuguese).
  2. Virtual assistants. 
  3. Call center setup consulting i.e. legal, accounting.